KBShimmer Summer 2014 (Partial) Collection Photos, Swatches, and Review


Hello there! Hope you all are enjoying the nail polish swatches I have had lately! It’s kind of nice to change it up once in awhile, huh? So, today, I have for you 6 beauties from the KBShimmer Summer 2014 Collection. Let’s go ahead and take a gander, shall we? Everything you see is 2 – 3 coats. Let’s start with the creams. Here we have Radiant Orchid, a lovely soft rendition of the color of the year. This shade is perfection for the toes this Summer. KBShimmerRadiantOrchid   Next, we have You’re So Shellfish, a gorgeous near neon peachy pink. This one is just amazing, and I think I’ll be wearing it a LOT this Summer because it is just so flawless.KBShimmerYou'reSoShellfish If you saw my 4th of July post, you saw this lovely: Red, White and Blue-tiful make its appearance. Here it is layered over Sinful Colors Rain Rubber (coming soon on the blog). KBShimmerRedWhiteandBluetiful   Sea You Around is a green crelly-based polish “features fuchsia and silver circle glitters, light blue squares hexes in a base with scattered fuchsia micro slivers and micro sparkle“. KBShimmerSeaYouAround   Periwinkle in Time is a periwinkle crelly base “loaded with holographic glitters in aqua, navy blue, sliver and violet“. KBShimmerPeriwinkleinTime   Last but certainly NOT least was my FAVORITE of the 6, Mint-al Vacation, a soft buttery mint holographic that practically applied itself. It had no hiccups or anything! I usually have the hardest time applying this shade on my nails, and this is by far my HOLY GRAIL mint. KBShimmerMintalVacation   KBShimmerMintalVacation1   Doesn’t she blow you out of the water every time you see her polish collections!? Seriously, Christy Rose, keep at it – you are amazing!!!! Website: kbshimmer.com Facebook: KBShimmer Bath & Body

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  1. love the nail polishes. My favorite would probably be the orange one. That color is just so bright and right up my ally right now

  2. I love the You’re So Shellfish! Gorgeous color! I’ve never tried this brand before, but I’ll have to remember to take a look!

  3. OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE You’re So Shellfish!! Coral is simply the perfect shade for Summer 🙂

  4. You’re So Shellfish is a definite must-buy, it’s flippin’ gorgeous!

  5. I love the blue with the red star sparkles! Wish I would have had those for Independence Day.

  6. Obsessed with the first two colors!! They’re so bold, yet extremely wearable! Great post!! 🙂

  7. Love the blue and green ones!

  8. I love them all! <3

  9. Obsessed with these!

  10. Love that last color!! I’m a sucker for mint & glitter!

  11. love them all especially the neon peachy pink

  12. Mint-al Vacation looks gorgeous!

  13. Love the patriotic stars! So fun

  14. Love all of these!!!

  15. Beautiful nails! I love them all but I guess I love the blue most, since blue is my favorite color. LOL

  16. Can you come over and do my nails? LOL.

  17. Love radiant orchid! I’ve never worn KBShimmer but I want so many crellies! soon they will be mine.

  18. GLITTER! I love these. They are all so pretty.

  19. I love all of them, especially the last one!

  20. These are all so pretty! I love glittery nail polishes!

  21. stunning shades!! all are beautiful!

  22. Some of these are so festive! I always find that glitter is SO hard to get off my nails though. 🙁

  23. Yes to Radiant Orchid! I just bought a similar color polish and can’t wait to use it.

    Chloe | Wanderlust in the Midwest

  24. That coral one, the second one, is so pretty! I love pinks like that!

  25. Oooh the pink and the coral have my name on them!

  26. I love that mint! how fun! you have inspired me though – i actually painted (rather poorly though) my fingernails a bright red the other day!!!!

  27. I love them all but the green is amazing.


  28. I love your 4th of July combination and the one below it!

  29. I love the 4th of July one.

  30. Love Love the sea around you colour but then greens one of my fav colours

  31. I love the glitter ones!!

  32. I love the star glitters! Currently my nails are lilac with purple glitter ^_^

  33. The neon peachy pink is my fav! Perfect for Summer!

  34. These are all gorgeous. You’re So Selfish is my fave though!

  35. I love the neon peach! So perfect for summer!

  36. LOVE the way you styled the 4th of July colors!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  37. Omg I’m becoming a huge fan of your blogs! I don’t wear nail varnish that often so I’m looking over your posts so I can gather an idea for some gifts for my friend. What cheap but lovely nail varnish brands would you recommend or a manicure set even? Would love to hear what you may have in mind! Also, following your blog since I’ve just gone over to most of your posts and have asked for so much from you aha, just love the layout and content of your blog. Keep it up. 🙂

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