Red Apple Lipsticks in Braziliant and Petal Rebel Photos, Swatches, and Review


If you don’t know already, my name is Shipra and I’m attracted to anything metallic. Yep, I might as well be a magnet. Ha. I also LOVE me some Red Apple Lipstick, and if you’re unfamiliar with them, one thing you need to know is they are a Gluten Free AND Allergen Free Makeup Brand AND (Okay, 2nd thing) I met them in May. Red Apple Lipstick released a gorgeous summer collection not too long ago, and I have 2 lipsticks from the collection to share with you today, Braziliant and Petal Rebel. (FYI: I named one of the eyeshadows – Beachy Keen!)

Let’s get right to these gorgeous metallic beauties!





Let’s start with Braziliant, a frosty light peachy-pink coral. This is sure to sparkle on your lips like a peach sangria poolside. Doesn’t that sound delicious?!







And, Petal Rebel is a simply delicate ballet slipper pink frost. This is girly and chic and will look great when you’re dipping your feet in the pool with your shades on.







How gorgeous are these frosty shades? Overall, they are soft and the color is buildable, and could even be layered over a like color for a little oomph. I love them at full force by themselves. I also made sure to exfoliate with the Red Apple Lipstick Exfoliate Stick (which I already need because it’s almost done!).

Also, make sure to check them out for their NEW Gluten Free Mascara!

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Press sample. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. Fu shades! I can’t pull off a metallic lip!

  2. *FUN lol

  3. Great shades! Looks like nice lipstick!

  4. I love Braziliant on you, it looks, well, brilliant! 🙂

  5. Gorgeous shades. I am loving the Petal Pink supe gorgeous.

  6. You can really rock those metallics, Shipra! They look great on you

  7. You’re so lucky you look so fantastic in metallics, I keep trying but no avail…I just look a little off! Loving the colors, Petal Pink is incredible.

  8. I can’t pull off frosty lipsticks like those, but I DO want to try that exfoliating lip stuff!

  9. These look so pretty on you! I’m more of a matte lipstick kind of girl but these are pretty lipsticks – especially the first one!

  10. Both colors are really beautiful! And they look incredible on you! I would love to have some Petal Pink for me too 🙂

  11. I wish I could pull off that shiny look like you do.

  12. Those colors look great on you! I need to try the lip exfoliator, I always have a problem with chapped lips.

  13. Both shades are absolutely gorgeous on you!

  14. Give me your lips right now! Gorgeous shades.

  15. Red Apple is one of y favorite brands!!

  16. These lip colors look great on you! I can’t really pull off the frosted look, but you totally rock it.

  17. You look fabulous w/ metallic lippies!! Love both shades on you

  18. Love finding new lipstick shades!!

  19. These shades look very pretty on you!

  20. Love those colors, especially the first one!

  21. Pretty! They look so good one you!

  22. Love these colours. Even though they are metallic they look quite natural in some respects.

  23. fun! I’ve never heard of them before. I can’t pull off a metallic lip but they look amazing on you!

  24. these are so cute I want some too please

  25. Those shades look fantastic on you 🙂

  26. Those shades look really great on you

  27. ahh so shiny, i love it! i like the first one best 🙂 love mixing shades too!

  28. Those are some pretty shades!

  29. I love your photo setup for the lipsticks!!

  30. Thanks for pointing out that they are gluten free! that is huge to me =)

  31. These colors look so great on you! Glad you shared they’re gluten free, I like when people add those details!

  32. Gluten free make-up? Interesting concept. Love those colors.

  33. Love the fun colors! 🙂 Cool that they’re gluten-free- I didn’t even know makeup had gluten in it!

  34. Love lip exfoliating – so good for your lips and they feel all nice after!

  35. I just recently tried a red bold lip, and now I’m all adventurous to try more colors. This is beautiful!

  36. You look great! Love the lipsticks, good colours and fuller lips. I want some, lol. I’m using Elizabeth Arden at the moment and have to say I probably like these better!

  37. I’ve heard great things about these lipsticks. That pink is gorgeous.

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