Milani Gold Label Bella Blue Nail Lacquer Swatches and Review


Just the other day, I told you I would review the nail lacquer that is part of the Milani LIMITED EDITION collection, Bella Blue, and here it is! And, it’s glorious! This stunning shade really surprised me because it seems like it’s a bit of a shade-shifter. So, let’s take a look!



The base is a navy blue with shimmer particles that seem to change color based on the reflection of light. You can see pinks, teals, and navy blues. It goes on smoothly (this is with no top coat) and my only complaint was the brush was so thin that I had to apply a little thickly, in order to get a smooth surface. This is only 2 coats, and in person, it looks sufficient, but here in the swatch, it looks like it could have used just 1 more coat. But, isn’t it stunning?! Let’s take another look at this Bella Blue beauty!



Once again, this beauty is LIMITED EDITION (and part of the Bella Blue collection), so if you find it, snag it quickly! It won’t be available forever!

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  2. Such a cool nail color! Love the subtle sparkle

  3. I love the color of this polish! Milani is awesome with the glitter in their products!

  4. I love this nail polish! The glitter in Milani products is always amazing

  5. This looks so cool, and it definitely looks great on you!

  6. That is such a pretty polish. I grabbed it right away and it is the only thing I got from the collection. It brought to mind Sally Hansen’s Black and Blue. I love colors that are not one specific color but could fit into 2 categories. Look at all that beautiful shimmer/sparkles!

  7. What a gorgeous color. I need to find it in stores!

  8. This shade looks amazing! Love it!

  9. This is such a pretty shade!!

  10. Very pretty!! Love the shimmer!

  11. I love this color! So pretty, I need to try and find it!

  12. I’ve never been daring with my nail color :/ maybe I should start 🙂

  13. I’ve been wanting to try Milani polish lately! I love this color!

  14. so pretty! love the sparkle when the light hits it!

  15. Such a classy navy blue mani!

  16. Okay so I’m completely obsessed with anything astronomy, and this nail polish is definitely that!

  17. oh wow love this shade of blue

  18. Beautiful! Love this!

  19. This color is so pretty

  20. Very beautiful nailpolish and the shimmer is geourgeous! It does change color with the light!

  21. I love shimmery polishes! 🙂

  22. That is a gorgeous nail polish shade. I love it!

  23. Gorgeous color!! I would like that for fall!

  24. Ooooh, what a pretty color! I’ve never seen anything like it!

  25. super pretty! i love how there are so many different colors in the black!

  26. This reminds me of the galaxy look! I love it!

  27. That colour looks great on you!

  28. Such a beautiful and sophisticated colour.

  29. Such a pretty color great for year round. I might have to buy this. You’re making me want the entire Bella Blue Collection. =)

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