MAC x Kelly Osbourne Lipsticks in Dodgy Girl & Kelly Yum Yum Photos, Swatches, and Review



Kelly Osbourne, daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, is just stunning! I totally remember watching their reality show and just loving their eccentric yet extremely entertaining lifestyle! Kelly has definitely grown into a gorgeous woman, and I absolutely LOVE her lilac/lavender hair! She pulls it off beautifully! I was really going to skip this collection, but for the sake of research (thank you all for feeding my addiction! ;)) I got 2 that I thought I could pull off. I honestly think I may have thought wrong. Let’s leave it up for you to decide!!

So, there were 4 lipsticks in this collection: Riot House, Strip Poker, Dodgy Girl and Kelly Yum Yum.

Of course, I started to float towards Dodgy Girl (meaning: Bad Girl) as I LOVE lavender (namely, any purple under the sun!), and I love my Candy Yum Yum lipstick, so I thought I might as well get its sister. Gotta keep them together, right?






Let’s start with Dodgy Girl. I’m actually dodging here and there because it’s such a vivid, neon lavender on me! Whoa, baby!


So, let’s start with my studio photo and then the color-accurate photo.



The following picture leans more accurate because I adjusted the lighting:






And, then we have Candy Yum Yum’s chic sister, Kelly Yum Yum. I totally don’t wear this shade of pink but I kinda dig it! It’s a very beautiful pink!! And that satin finish… *sighs*







Overall, I am glad I chose these two because the other two would not have worked with my medium skintone whatsoever – they are way too pale for my NC35 complexion (or so I think – I didn’t even think to swatch them in store when I went to grab these two! Silly me!). I also did happen to purchase Sharon Osbourne’s MAC Cranberry Lip Liner! So, that will be another day’s post!

What do you think?

Do these look like colors you would wear?

Did you grab anything from the MAC x Osbournes Collab?! If so, what did YOU haul?!

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.




  1. I love the second one! I wish I wore more lipstick, but I just can never bring myself to pay the prices!

  2. Those colors are so bright! Very cool that you can pull it off!

  3. I think Dodgy Girl looks great!

  4. Gorgeous!! I wanted every part of this collection but I am on a no buy. Will have to admire from afar!

  5. I love Kelly! She’s insane in all of the best ways! I love Kelly yum yum. Looks so pretty!

  6. I’m not brave enough to wear that bright of color, but it looks great on you! Super pretty.

  7. I am definitely not adventurous when it comes to lipstick. I go with the more neutral colors.

  8. I love love anything purple or it’s cousins. I stay away from mac because I am too frugal lol the only thing I have from there is ruby woo, foundation and powder

  9. Those colors are definitely bold! I hardly wear anything with a whole lot of color but if I did I might try this line. I have heard good things about it.

  10. That’s a stunning picture of Kelly! I love the second color. I could see that one working on me.

  11. I don’t think that I could pull off the lavender, but I like the pink. They look great on you though!

  12. I’m not sure I could get away with these colours, but they look so pretty!

  13. OOOO I LOVE Kelly Yum Yum! I wonder if I can still get it?!

  14. Pretty! Love the second one πŸ™‚

  15. That purple is a lot of fun! I saw it the other day at work and thought about trying it on. I will definitely try it on today!

  16. Uhh, that purple is so weird, I’d never wear that. But I like the pink one πŸ™‚

  17. I just got a sample of a purple shade of lipstick and wondering if I can pull it off.

  18. Very cool!!

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  20. I could never pull off that purple, that is mighty bright!

  21. Absolutely love both of those lippies! Need them!

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