MAC Proenza Schouler Sunset Beach and Ocean City Blush + Mangrove Lipstick Photos/Swatches/Review


Fashion! Who doesn’t love fashion?! Give me anything ombre/gradient and I’m all over it!

Proenza Schouler is a women’s accessories and wear tag created by the dynamic duo of Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez. Proenza was Hernandez’ mother’s maiden name, while Schouler was McCollough’s mothers. How sweet! Now, MAC packaging is incredible and when it is inspired by fashion – MINDBLOWING, so let’s take a good look at these beautiful products!!

And, these are just the boxes! Beautiful!!


Inside, they look similar to the boxes but are VERY reflective and gorgeous!


Let’s look at the lipstick, Mangrove, first. It’s a fiery red-orange matte (and it’s still available ONLINE) and the release in-store is Thursday, April 24th. It’s absolutely gorgeous but I’m sure if you miss it and get Lady Danger instead, you’ll have something similar!










Next up were the two ombre/gradient blushes that SOLD OUT incredibly quickly, of course. They will be available in-store on Thursday, April 24th.

The powder pink-to-deep pink one is Sunset Beach, and the tan-to-orange one is Ocean City.


Sunset Beach up-close:






Ocean City up-close:







I found them not-so-pigmented, and I used a blush brush that was prickly in order to get more product to apply it on my face, and it still did not seem to apply like I imagined. Usually MAC blushes are really easy to pick up and apply and are decently pigmented. This was kind of a disappointment.

There are more pieces (like nail polish) to this collection, so go check it out on the website.

Will you be hauling anything while it lasts?

And, does this qualify as fashion or faux pas to you? I want to hear your thoughts!

{Edit: Here’s the comparison of Mangrove and Lady Danger!}


Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


  1. You are right about the packaging !! Colors look great too !

  2. Thanks for telling us more about the collection! I’ve been wondering what this Proenza thing was all about! That’s such a shame that the blushes aren’t more pigmented – they look beautiful!

    • I have been hearing the opposite, but this was how it worked for me! And, I tried different brushes! They sure are pretty! Hope they start to “behave” as I use them! The lipstick was a HUGE HIT for me! It will get me through the Summer! 🙂

  3. I noticed that Sunset Beach swatched horribly, but it was OK when I used it on my face. Not the most pigmented, but sometimes it’s nice having a blush that’s not so pigmented, easier to work with. Still for the price MAC charged for these, it’s a huge fail that they lack in the quality! Boo, MAC, get your game together!

    • Thanks, Aditi, for your comment!! I’ve seen SO MANY different opinions on these blushes. I’m starting to think they were inconsistent, but I guess I can understand that because they were expecting to sell out. To which, they did. But, I wish they all worked the positive way some reported. Nevertheless, I am hoping that once the “firm” layer of my blushes has been “swiped” off, it will have better performance. I do like my pigmented MAC blushes because I still have control over how much I put on – light hand or heavy hand! 🙂 I guess these things are expected in the huge MAC collections. I have HIGH HOPES for the Alluring Aqua Collection! 🙂

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