Girly Bits Wave the Sails, Go Shake a Tower, and Lack of Pies Swatches/Review


Here goes my FIRST post of 2014! I hope everyone had a fantastic Holiday and a great start to the New Year! I’ve been relaxing and taking a break from blogging, but I’m glad to be back! I have here today some GORGEOUS duochromes/duochromed holographics from a brand that I should’ve tried LONG time ago, but am finally getting to! I’m so GLAD because Pam is really talented and Girly Bits (name always gets a giggle out of me!) is amazing!! Can’t wait to show you these beauties, so let’s get right to it!!

Wave the Sails is a winner in my book because it’s a very unusually spectacular duochrome. It’s SO stunning!! Here are 3 coats. How unbelievable is this blue/violet shade shifter! WOW!


Go Shake a Tower is a LOT like Wave the Sails except it is a linear holographic, as well. It kinda dulls the duochrome (in a pretty way!), but it’s still mighty spectacular! SO spectacular, indeed, that it needed 2 shots. See the green in there, too? Here it is at 3 coats:



Lack of Pies was another one I snagged. I am SO glad I did – this exotic beauty is smoldering hot. I mean, really! Have you seen anything like this?! Ah-mazing!


Seriously, I need MOAR. I really do. Nothing like duochromes, holographics and then a marriage of the 2. Perfection!

Website: Girly Bits Cosmetics and Llarowe
Facebook: Girly Bits and Llarowe

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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