Lavender Lipstick Comparisons: MAC Lavender Whip vs. Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn vs. NYX Castle


Purchased by me.

Okay, I don’t think we need to repeat the fact that My name is Shipra, and I’m ADDICTED to PURPLE LIPSTICKS. So, I’ve been mulling over my purchase of Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn, but finally decided to purchase it, and let me tell you – this is an epic lavender lipstick post. Let’s get right to it!!

As soon as I saw Airborne Unicorn, I knew I wanted to do this post because I, myself, was searching ALL over the internet for a comparison between Lavender Whip and Airborne Unicorn, so I thought: Why not do it myself?! I also have NYX Castle, so I figured I’d compare that, as well.

NYX Castle was my first lavender lipstick. It was an “outside of the crayon box” purchase for me, but as you can see, I have worn it a few times and LOVED it. It has a little bit of silver shimmer in it and is a bit smoky. Very fairytale-like and girly!



Then, there was Lavender Whip (which is a staple in my life – as you will see when you see the bullet of this lipstick!) – it’s absolutely gorgeous and is a white-based lavender and is a fun wear for me!



And, then there was Lime Crime Airborne Unicorn, my latest and more neon lavender! What a stunning lavender it is, too! And, of course, a must-have because it has UNICORN in the name!! It’s such a smooth lipstick, too – went on soft and buttery!



So, there you have it – my 3 lavender lippies! Are you into purples and would you wear these? I want to hear your opinions!!

Here’s a quick recap.



Until next time! 😉



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