Black Radiance African Violet and Plum Orchid Swatches/Review


Purchased by me.

I’m a sucker for purple lipsticks! I have to have them ALL, and if you looked through my makeup stash/bags, you would probably find your fair share of purple lippies AND other purple makeup items. I love purple on my skintone and I guess it is my secret favorite color! So, one day I was “parasailing” (yes, I meant that. You could pretty much say I was floating behind the cart!) through the aisles of Walgreens with my little boy, and believe me, his face looks impressively bored and awed at the same time because “Woo! Look at all the colors!” and “Ugh, doesn’t Mommy have enough of these already?!” That was when I came across the section in between Milani and Maybelline. Black Radiance. It was a brand I had seen but never really looked at until this second. I found 3 gorgeous colors. 1, of which was also supposed to make an appearance in this review, but miraculously disappeared deep into my stash – Hibiscus, a gorgeous “neon red” in the tube and a beautiful pink on the lips. I do have the lip swatch of that, but not the arm swatch or the tube picture, but I’ll share it anyway!

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The Black Radiance lippies come in a clear case, golden/black packaging. I think this is why I have skipped them before. I am not completely a fan of the packaging as I love other brands’ packaging. But, I did love the clear casing because I could thoroughly see the color inside, and that sold me quickly!

African Violet is a WOW color and the first one I picked up!



Just super gorgeous!! On, it rapidly became one of my favorite lipsticks (I’m happy to say that it’s only $2! I may even buy a few of these for back up as I know this will be quickly used up!)


Plum Orchid was one that caught my eye, as well. I was afraid it was going to be extremely purple on me, but I think I still would have worn it. It turned out to be the prettiest purple I have ever seen (after MAC Heroine, of course! I am still hoping for a 3rd repromote of that one!)




And, here’s a quick swatch of those both on my arm! These are SO pigmented! This is only one swipe across my arm. That’s it! No primer, nothing! Awesome colors!


And, last but not least, here’s what Hibiscus looks on. If I find it in my deep, dark stash, I will edit with a tube picture! 🙂


Will you be searching for these? Can you believe these amazing lipsticks are only $2!? I will definitely be buying more of this brand because they have great pigmentation, amazing color choices and they’re so creamy!

Facebook: Black Radiance Beauty

Purchased by me. All opinions are honest and my own.


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