Color Club Halo Hues Spring Collection 2013: Beyond Swatches/Review


I love holographic nail polishes. I do. I do. They are so subtle indoors and you go outdoors and it’s BA-BAM. Love that part. I wish they came with sound effects, but I have been known to do really great sound effects. Let me know if you want me to add sound bytes. I’d be happy to do my renditions of sound effects at the end of each post. πŸ˜‰

So, anyways, I was alerted by a group of my fellow nail polish lovers that there was a place where the Color Club Halo Hues of 2013 were available and I really got excited! And, of course, I will share with you where!Β CLICK HERE FOR HALO HUES 2013 AND MORE.

I drooled over each shade, but managed to add only ONE to my cart. Here’s the thing —> I have realized (no, seriously, read on!) that I have A TON (I don’t even know how many) polishes NOT ORGANIZED (Insert sighs and shaking heads in disgust from YOU, my beloved audience) and in my “polish studio” and hidden away in an ottoman downstairs. Ick. So, I allowed myself ONLY ONE from the collection because I have a bunch of holographic shades, now, and although they never remain untried for long, they may be similar to another hue in my collection, and that’s just blah. Enough of that talk. I finally went with Beyond, and it made it to my cart, and I happily made the purchase, and actually waited anxiously for it. So, I knew that was a good sign. πŸ™‚

I was impressed by this holographic by Color Club because I have a lot of creams and glitters by them, and I have also heard great things, but to experience it is another thing. It went on smoothly and beautifully and in 2 coats was BA-BAM! Let’s take a look, shall we?




Delicious. I was a bit bummed that it’s not a true black holographic, but that’s fine. I love it. It’s so chic and sophisticated and makes me feel FULL ON Rocker Chic. (Insert guitar twanging here).

May I just add that I want MOAR? 😑 I do. I want MORE. They are AMAZING.

* Purchased by me *


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