piCture pOlish Monroe Revamped!


Today is a special day for me. It’s a holiday called Karva Chauth where wives fast the entire day (without food and water) for their husband’s long life and success. It’s a beautiful holiday, in which wives and husbands both can express their love through actions. :) Click the link above for more deets, if you’re interested. I will also be posting my “beauty look” because wives get decked out in beautiful outfits (preferably bridal or something similar, for which we wear reds, maroons, and the sorts). But, we also take a lot of pride in all our beauty products (our mother-in-laws even gift us with lipsticks, nail polishes, etc. to show their daughter-in-laws love), so we, of course, put on beautiful nail polish and henna on our hands. I chose a truly gorgeous wine color (a very Indian bridal color), piCture pOlish Monroe REVAMPED! It’s so LOVELY! It’s a bit thick, and it dragged at the cuticle area, but 2 coats did it in! I absolutely was delighted by the quality and the holo-ness of it!

I’m just going to show you tons of pictures, as usual! Enjoy!

And in direct sunlight:

Later on, I will post my Karva Chauth garb and makeup, etc.

What do you think about piCture pOlish Monroe Revamped? Do you own the original? How does it compare?

* I purchased this on Llarowe, but you can also snatch it up from piCture pOlish’s website (under Opulence shades) *


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