Lex Cosmetics Arcoiris vs. OPI Rainbow Connection vs. Milani Gems


When the Muppets collection came out last year around the Holidays, my son had just recently been born, so I really didn’t go out to purchase my polishes, and instead of buying the OPI Rainbow Connection, my husband ordered Milani Gems (after much of my research going through swatches online after another!). I was really thrilled with Milani Gems, but I recently acquired MOST of the Muppets collection glitters, and I really felt I had to have Rainbow Connection. So, I finally broke down and bought it from Jill from Glisten & Glow. SO glad I did. Back ups of this baby is a must. On top of that, I was sent Lex Cosmetics Arcoiris for review, and when I saw this, I was a little more giddy! Okay, so you’re burning with curiosity… are these dupes or WHAT!

Let’s take a look!

And, here’s a “micro” shot of the swatches.

So, what I’ve gathered from looking at these glitters closely is that Arcoiris and Rainbow Connection are THE closest. Milani Gems has darker colors such as reds and blues. These are all 1 coats of each, so you can see the coverage of all these glitters are extremely good. Now, if we talk about prices, Milani Gems is maybe more easier to find and is also cheaper than the other 2. Lex Cosmetics can only be purchased on the Lex Cosmetics website or for now (at $10 + shipping, but is MUCH easier to find, as well), or currently on the Sneakpeeq website (if quanties are still in supply!). OPI Rainbow Connection is HTF (Hard to Find, but it can be done. I did it!) and it is now a little more costly than the $8.50 it was selling at!

So, now, it’s really based on which one tickles your fancy! In my opinion, Milani Gems doesn’t count as a dupe because the colors are more vibrant and darker. I wish I had Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday (yet another contender) to see how they compare, but that’s for another time! What do you think? Which ones do you have and do you like this glitter enough to get back-ups?


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  2. Wow you got that up fast! lol thanks for the comparisons!!!!

  3. thx for the comparison.. i am going for milani gems, i like the darker bolder colors. THANKS

  4. I LOVE a good comparison post. I’m liking all three of these, actually! And I’m glad you finally got your hands on Rainbow Connection. Do you know how RC compares with the NOPI Rainbow in the S-Kylie? I’ve heard it called a dupe but I’ve never seen them posted side by side. Do you have that one? What do you think?

    • Hi! Thank you! I don’t have that one! I almost broke down and got it, but found Rainbow Connection instead! I heard they are nearly identical! It’s also easier to find! You can find it easily on Amazon, and doesn’t hurt to have that one, as well. 😉

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