Neon Splatter


I’ve been wanting to create a splatter for so long, and I finally decided to sit down and do it. I first clipped, buffed and filed my nails to look nice and fresh, and then I painted on a layer of white base color to get those neons to POP. And, boy oh boy, I was so thrilled by the POP of neons! This was just such a fresh and vibrant manicure, but to be honest, the pictures just didn’t do justice, so here’s how I did this splatter.

I cheated a bit because I didn’t bring out a fast food straw, and instead I manipulated the splatter using a brush and a sponge, so I guess you could really call this manicure a sponge splatter? Whatever it is, you have to admit, it’s pretty snazzy.

So, after I let the layer of white dry, I painted a coat of Dazzle Dry Top Coat so that the white would stay in its place and not shift when I applied the splats of colors. I used Spoiled Did I Dye It Too Blonde (a jelly neon yellow – IN LOVE WITH THIS – such a highlighter yellow and it is JELLY!) and then China Glaze Orange You Hot and I’m With the Lifeguard (neon orange and lime green, respectively), and China Glaze Pool Party (a vibrant neon pink).

Oh, I forgot to mention that I put a few coats of flakies on top of it. I used Finger Paints Flecked and Flashy (alternating) and it looked amazing in the sunshine! I recommend everyone trying this manicure soon! Will you be recreating this??


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